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Hello to all daddies and young teen gilr lovers. I look forward to hearing from you soon.u.9.vio001.jpg

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I  love to take my time especially with a button down shirt, opening each part like a treasure. Kissing the path of flesh it reveals,on my knees unbuttoning his jeans him against the wall, trapped..Taking his hard cock into my hands stroking him teasing him my tongue licking the head of his hard cock spreading the open sliding my tongue deep inside him. Hearing his groans and him moaning with desire licking down his shaftsucking his balls sliding my finger in his ass thrusting , sucking his cock deep so deep he can not controlhimself he cums shotting his hot thick load down my throat.he picks me up into his arms,ramming his cock deepinside my dripping pussy me riding himfucking him like the slut i am..u.8.sandy106.jpg

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He glided one  hand up my inner thigh and pushed gently, to seperate them further so that the thin strip of silk covered my most intimate area was fully in view and stretched tight.he then drew closer into view, crouching down on the floor. the out line of my sex could be seen flaintly through the wettness of my panties.i wonder if he could see how hot and wet he made me feel,pushing my wet panties to the side he thrusted his hard cock  deep inside me fucking me hard thrusting deep and deeper until i explode  cumming all over his hard cock bring his cock to my mouth sucking all my juices from him looking into his eyes as shot his load in my mouth... laying in his arms ....u.8.sandy3_small.jpg

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u.8.sandy5_small.jpgI love it when a man is rough with me I  love my hair pulled from behind, while getting fucked hard. I lov getting choked to the point i cant breathe when im riding him. when he bends me over his lap and spanks me feeling his tongue licking probing my tight ass..having my hands pinned behind me when hes ready to ram that cock deep inside my ass making me squeal with pleasure desire treating like his little slut.

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when im with a man I love being swatted and smacked and having my hair pulled name calling bitting nibbling..And yeah god yeah so fucking hot it makes me squeal and melt,making me cum so hard so fast...u.8.sandy5_small.jpg

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Oh if only i could feel your fingers brushing ever so lightly over my nipples, feeling how they respond to your touch licking, bitting,making your down my tummy,spreading my legs wide kissing my thighs getting closer blowing on my swallon clit teasing me. you beging to lick slidding your fingers deep inside me finger fucking me as your suck my clit making me squeal with desire like a wild animal on the hunt cumming so hard so strong.....u.8.sandy3_small.jpg

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Bathtub, music,you andI something  in me sarts to fly. candlelight on hot wet  skin, tingles flutters  deep with in.Hazel eyes aflamed with need touch me now,our  silence pleads brush of leg,a gasp i draw. Icant take this anymore pulsing fire, aching desire,hungry, lust now let me feed, reaching out i touch your hardness,start to stroke a growl so deep erupts from you groaning ,gasping frome me. You hands roaming slipping a finger deep inside me,so wet and juicy so ready you pull me close kissing me legs spread wide i straddling you now.  my eager body stretched around you so big,so hard,so tight. nothing else exists but us pulsating,it starts to build muscles tensing quickening,drawing you even further deep inside perfect moment in time as we cum together.u.8.sandy4_small.jpg

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u.8.sandy3_small.jpg I really love that kind of feeling you get when a guy  Is really rough out of control like a wild animal, a beast ripping your shirt and bra apart like some wild animal that hasnt eaten for years...I really want sex so so desperately to have a the master of the ring to tame me and make me his own in everyway  ..Call me i want a master to control my wild desires..looking forward to your comments. Cummm chat with me can find me on my facebook to sandy hilton friend me baby would love to hear from you.

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I need to share my wild weekend with all of you. i was driving down a lonely road when i look into my rear view  mirror and saw  the red lights flashing i was being pulled over... the police office came up to my door pulling me out of the car pushing me face down onto the hood handcuffed and began  searching me running his strong hands over my already hard nipples down my tummy to my skirt liftingmy skirt running his  hands over my clit lingering for a few seconds then grabing my  ass he ripped my panties of layed me on the hood of the car spreading my leg wide open parting my pussy  exposing my hard  clit and dripping pussy. he began licking my clit sliding his tongue deep inside me omg I WAS QUIVER with wild desire... HE then stop making me get on my knees he unbutton his pants pulling out his huge cock  grabbed me by the hair ramming all 8 inches down my mouth pumping in and out untl he exploded all over my face..he then picked  me up sat me on the hood and fucked me until we both came again.. after we were done he went his way and i went mine only to meet up later that nite..guys if u want to talk call me i here  lets share our stories or look for me on facebook  sandy hilton friend me plzzu.8.sandy3_small.jpg

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sexy call girl

u.8.sandy3_small.jpgwild, passionate. hot untamed. spontaneous,out of control, slightly rough. thats the way i have always loved my lovers.i want a man whos goingo make me orgasm scream  out of control.. spank me when i have been naughty.ride me hard filling  my ass and pussy with his sweet juices.  So call me, come  play with me  spank me treat like  your little slut...IM ALL YOUR TO USE....  all comments are welcome share your fantasy with me

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